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Cronic Back pain and Tired Legs?

Updated: May 16

If you have been wanting good QUALITY Massages for a long time and you do not know what exactly to choose, I offer you the option of a combination of FULL BACK Massage + FOOT Reflexology.

What exactly is a reflex foot massage and why do I recommend it and in combination with a back massage? 

Reflexology is an energy massage based on the realization that each part of the body responds to a specific point on the feet and that by pressing on these reflex points, the whole body can relax and balance. 

Reflexology is a technique of natural healing and relaxation of the psychophysical body that stimulates blood circulation and endocrine glands. 

Reflexology is a therapeutic process in which, by pressing on the reflex zones on the feet and palms, we provoke a reflex that stimulates the body’s mechanism of self-healing through nervous, electrical, chemical and magnetic processes. 

Reflex foot massage is recommended as a preventive method for maintaining health. 

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