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  • The goal of every massage technique is to make you feel good, especially to take care of tense, tired muscles, relieve stress, bring more peace to the body, improve circulation and excretion of toxins, and also balance the entire body on an energy level.
  • To make sure that everything bad is removed from the body and that the person is ultimately more connected to his body.

About Services

Deep tissue & Trigger Point 

TRIGGER POINTS TECNIQUE for Deep Knots and Body Tension! 
A TECHNIQUE that successfully Relieves DEEP muscle knots in the body! 
The goal of trigger point therapy is to relax or soften the muscle node, thus reducing / eliminating pain and large nodules and making the body much more flexible. 
With the right technique, you can immediately experience immediate relief after just one trigger point massage! It is advisable to repeat until your body feels light again and no more large knots are noticed. 
You need this massage when: you sit a lot at work, not enough sports activities and not enough regular body massages. 

Swedish Massage Technique 

Swedish massage is a classic full-body massage that has a beneficial effect on the whole body by: 
Relaxes tense muscles 
Increase blood flow throughout the body 
Enhances mental and physical health 
Relieve stress 
Reduce fatigue 
Reduce depression 
Strengthen mental health 
Strengthens immune resistance and help reduce body aches and more. 
The effect of classic massage is first most visible on the skin. 

REIKI Massage & Healing 

REIKI is type of Energy healing.
“Sometimes the best thing you can do is to not think, not wonder, not imagine, and not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best.” The positive effects of Reiki massage: – complete relaxation and balance of body, mind and spirit, – releases stress and depression, – demolishes old energy blocks, – strengthens the immune system, – the energy flow of the body is established, – promotes blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. 

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